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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 113: The Fridge File

It seems that I am always picking up random scraps and pieces of paper, even though I do my best to sort mail, bills and other important what-nots, not to mention all of the lovely little paperclips, toys, markers and other random items that wind up on the kitchen counters or in the centerpiece on the island. (Don't you LOVE these space-alien shrinky dinks? It's a new decor MUST!)

I guess I still have yet to find the perfect catch-all spot.... until today! So, if you feel a little crafty (just a teensy bit, I promise!), then get out some scissors, packing tape and pretty paper. This is an AMAZING idea from a fellow blogger (spotted on Pinterest). It really is amazing how you can turn something so plain, simple and everyday into something beautiful, fun and useful!

THE do-it-yourself, recycled-cereal-box FRIDGE FILE:
1. Select an empty cereal box of your choice. (Iain helped us "empty" this one by eating the rest of the cereal!)

2. Cut off the top, and shape the box so that the front is a little smaller than the back.

3. Secure all edges with sturdy packing tape. (You don't want all those odds n' ends escaping their holder and crashing to the floor!)

4. Wrap the box neatly like a package, using your choice of wrapping paper or scrapbook paper. I like scrapbook paper, since it's sturdier! (You can use a coordinating pattern or color on the inside, or do it all the same! I also decided to add some ribbon and a little "happiness always" stamp with a metal plaque on the front; I also distressed the paper to give it that cool, antique look!)

5. Hang your new "fridge file" with some coordinating, magnetic clips!
(I am showing the blogger's version, too, for some added inspiration! And... BTW, yes, I plan to go out and get some "coordinating" clip magnets ASAP... instead of using SpongeBob!)

6. ENJOY your handy, new storage - for mail, school papers, coupons, random tidbits or whatever your heart's desire!

Now, THAT's neat!

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