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I have a toddler in perpetual motion, a packrat daughter, a dog and a disorganized husband... and I hope to share the challenges, trials, errors, rewards and insights of being a bit "too clean obsessive" in a family that's not so in love with neatness. And I am making a promise to clean, rearrange, organize and simplify my life... and help you along the way! SO stay tuned for my journey toward everything orderly and efficient!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 109: I Think I'm in love....

I don't personally have any Elfa designs or components in my home. (You can get it at the Container Store, which, unfortunately is nowhere near me!) But, every time I see a photo of this ingenious organizational tool for closets, pantries, garages, offices, playrooms - you name it - I just start to drool!

Here are just some photo inspiration for you!
1. What an amazing craft room! I love the "mesh" drawers; everything is put away, but there is still visibility!

2. This is a great look for a closet, but this organizational look works beautifully for a den/TV room! Everything is beautifully coordinated and neat!

3. What a naturally beautiful office! And I love how the organization uses the available space above the desk. If you can't go out, go up!

4. Wow. This closet is amazingly tidy! It makes me seriously think about digging through my own closet to purge some more unwanted items, but it also makes me want to throw a little color and maybe some patterns into this very neutral clothing arrangement! ;)

Now, THAT's neat!

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  1. Great and useful decorating arrangements! The home looks neat and tidy!


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