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Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 130: Bread ties - who knew??!

Plastic things.  You know, the ones you find on bread bags?  Some people call them "bread ties;" most people call them annoying!  Every time you take one off to get a slice of bread, it disappears, and you end up just twisting the end of the bread bag and tucking it in on itself instead!  I'm sure we have all misplaced many of these plastic bread ties or have just thrown them in the trash without a second thought.  Until now....

Anyone else ever get mad at the tape roll (and at whoever used it last without folding a piece down)?  Sometimes you turn that sticky roll over and over and over again for who knows how long, not able to locate that darn end.  And when you finally do find the end, you can't get the tape to unstick from itself, or the tape rips off into little shreds, and you end up wasting about 2 feet in the struggle!

Well... think back to the aforementioned bread ties.  Yep; those little plastic annoyances can become useful tools... in a whole new way!  Ready for this little tip from the neat freak cheat sheet? Just stick one of these bread ties (or two, if the tape is wide) on the end of the tape roll, and you have an automatic saver... and an instant starter for next time!


Now, THAT's neat!

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  1. Wow. This is a small tip and trick that solves a real problem - and saves your nails and frustration when you just can't find that darn tape end. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for your neat comment!