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Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 42: Forget About the TOP of The Fridge...

...have you seen what's underneath and behind the refrigerator!? EEEwwwww!

I was recently inspired to clean behind -- and under -- our refrigerator after seeing a little tip in the May edition of Real Simple magazine on this dirty (but necessary) job (see pg. 209)! So, if you have at least an extra 15 minutes, then this might be a nice thing to tackle (it not only helps keep things clean and dust-free, it can help keep your refrigerator in shape, too!).

*BTW -- it's recommended to do this at least twice a year! OOOPS! How about once every 3 years.... since that's how long we've been in this house!

So.... here is what I discovered when I gently wiggled my fridge back and forth out of its little spot in our kitchen. YUCK!

(NOTE: Real Simple warns you to unplug the appliance and be very cautious not to disturb the water hose, if you have an ice maker!)

Then I grabbed my Swiffer and mopped up all the loose dirt and grime. I then used a damp cloth to finish cleaning the floor and the back, sides and top of the fridge. You can use a brush attachment on your vacuum to get a really good clean (or to help clean a really big mess). I did not take this extra step today since the Swiffer caught just about everything! Also, I did not unscrew the back plate to get to the refrigerator coils. I did, however, clean out the plate and wipe off all the debris. (Apparently there is a special tool called a "refrigerator-coil brush" just for cleaning the coils on your fridge. But I don't happen to have one of these.... do you!?!?!)

The hardwood floor looked pretty good when I was done, so I did not have to take any extra steps to de-gum it! But if your floor looks bad, Real Simple suggests a solution of 1/2 cup white vinegar and 1/2 gallon warm water for most surfaces (but NOT for tile or stone).

Now, THAT's neat!

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  1. I pull mine out about once a year. I wish there was a way to clean under the dishwasher. Now I bet it's really dirty under there.


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