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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 44: Haphazard Coupons, NO More!

If y'all did not already know, I am a BIG fan of Etsy (the website with TONS of handmade goods and products). I look through this site practically everyday, and I am never disappointed! I am ALWAYS finding such neat and clever things!

One of the items I stumbled across the other day was a coupon organizer. Now, when I was a kid, I was constantly cutting out and organizing coupons for my mom. I thought it was fun! She had a coupon organizer, but it was a boring, tan-colored, velcro-close thing. It was handy for holding coupons, but that was about it.

And I had not really thought about coupon organizers until I saw this item on Etsy in a "store" called "Grandma's Little Lilly."

At first, I just put this little cutie in my "favorites." But then, as I looked at the growing mess of coupons, savings cards, restaurant freebies and other items, I figured I should go ahead and invest in a handy little item to tidy up my purse... and to organize all my coupons (so I could actually use them!)!

So.... here is the organizer I bought. It's such a cute fabric, and it came with little tabs and labels for just about anything you could imagine!

And here it is with my coupons, all in alphabetical order!

Now my purse is clutter free, and I can find what I'm looking for when I'm at my favorite grocery store or restaurant!

Oh, and as an added bonus, the organizer has a button-closure, so you can actually attach it to your shopping cart for extra ease of use! Here is a photo I "borrowed" from Rhonda's Etsy shop to show you its usefulness!

Now, THAT's neat!

BTW: To get to Grandma's Little Lilly and check out the coupon organizers and other neat stuff in this Etsy store, just click here:
(These are great for YOU and make super gifts, too!)

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  1. Very clever coupon organizer. Great score for you.


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