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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 63: Robots in da' house

We live in a world of advanced technology.

We have robot pool cleaners (hey -- watch out for that tail thingie whipping around!).

We even have robot vacuum cleaners (oops, there goes the dog's meaty treat again) AND floor cleaners (much like the circular vacuum just mentioned, but made for hardwoods and tile).

Of course, we don't have a pool at my house, and with all the stuff all over our floors these days (thanks, mostly, to our 10-month-old son), a robot vacuum or a robot floor cleaner might do a fantastic job... on a 3-foot radius!

What I need is a robot kitchen and bathroom cleaner... and a robot laundry folder... and a robot kids' rooms straightener....

Of course, there is THIS thing:

What is it?

It's ETRI's new ROMI bot, the cleaning robot (made in Korea). It's kind of a cute little guy, and, supposedly, it can clean floors with the best of 'em... all while taking commands via WiFi, recording video with its big camera eyes AND vocalizing via a speech synthesizer. Boop-bop-beep-boop-bop-bop-boop....

According to myth and legend (OK, not really "myth" or "legend," since we're talking about futuristic-type stuff, here!), this little robot basically allows you to sit on the couch all day telling it what to clean. (PLUS, the ROMI could pretty much beat up any average, antiquated, ole' robot vacuum, while hurling insults at it!) Wow. That sounds pretty good to me!

I'm not running out to purchase my own Jetson-esque little robot maid, however. I'm not falling for the hype. Just yet. I might need a little proof. And perhaps some robot insurance! (*SNL joke) I mean... you never know. Robots are taking over the world.

Now, THAT's neat!

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