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I have a toddler in perpetual motion, a packrat daughter, a dog and a disorganized husband... and I hope to share the challenges, trials, errors, rewards and insights of being a bit "too clean obsessive" in a family that's not so in love with neatness. And I am making a promise to clean, rearrange, organize and simplify my life... and help you along the way! SO stay tuned for my journey toward everything orderly and efficient!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 99: A moment of silence...

The tornadoes that swept through Alabama last week wreaked havoc in much of my home state. Survivors of one of the deadliest storms in our history are still mourning. Many are homeless. People trying to clean up the massive amounts of damage. And we are all looking forward to a hopeful future....

With this in mind, the Neat Get Neater blog would like to take a moment of silence to remember... and to pray. My sincerest hope is that the clean-up efforts are swift and effective and that people will find comfort, support and peace through this storm.

If you would like to donate to the cause, a friend has started a site that benefits the American Red Cross, Birmingham area. Click HERE for more details.

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