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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 122: ToweLocs, a Neat Product

I discovered something rather interesting today while looking around Organized A to Z, a fun - and tempting - organizing products website... and now I am considering adding a whole new level of organization to my home.  Ok.... not exactly.  But it is a cool concept.

Just think about how many times you have had to rearrange a towel in the bathroom or the kitchen or how many times you have found said towel on the floor, in a little, crumpled-up, mildew-loving heap?!?  Well... these little gadgets, called ToweLocs, are decorative items that keep your towels in place until you are ready to replace them!  WOW! Love this idea!

To use these clever devices (available in different decor; I'm showing the "tile" since I like it!), just poke the pin side of the ToweLoc through the towel, one layer at a time, and then secure the backing.  Then... arrange your towels... and enjoy them!  Your towels will stay put!

Now, THAT's neat!

NOTE: Here is the website for ToweLocs! Even MORE great designs and ideas there!

UPDATE: And here are MY ToweLocs in use in MY home! :)


  1. Thanks Beth for the shout out! I'm glad there are people out there that appreciate neatness. I created ToweLocs because I couldn't stand finding my towels messy or on the floor! If your readers would like more information they can checkout my website at

    Thanks again!
    Cindy Sawyer
    Founder/CEO of ToweLocs

  2. Thanks, Cindy... I LOVE these clever gadgets! :) I can't wait to use some on my towels!

  3. I too love these towelocs in my home. You post is very informative and I think lots of people would love these. You have a great blog that I am now following. When you have a chance come by and check out some great easy, family recipes at

  4. I love ToweLocs. Not only do they keep my towels organized and pretty, they are perfect for our boat too. Yes, definitely very clever.
    Veronica Mayo
    Founder Vemayca Cosmetic Bags


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