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Monday, June 17, 2013

DAY 138: Neat Plate

When I was a child, I did NOT like my food to touch.  For instance, I would have a plate for chicken, a bowl for green beans and a separate bowl for rice... and I'd have a fork or a spoon for each food item!  I have always had a "selective palate," so to speak, and one thing that bothered me (and still does) was food running together.  I like plain, simple (bland?) food, and I don't like many sauces or cheeses, so it was always tough for me to enjoy a happy meal (ha-ha), especially when I went to other people's homes for dinner.  "Oh, you're a picky eater," they would say.  "What in the world will we feed you?"  And then they'd set down a plate full of runny meat juices and oozing cheese.  EEK!  Honestly, I don't think I'm that picky at all.  (And I don't use separate vessels or utensils for each food item anymore!)  I just like simple, delicious food!  And I don't want all those simple, delicious foods to blend into one another.  I want to enjoy each one separately.

That's why THIS plate is a pretty ingenious (and neat) invention.  Of course, it's perfect for portion control (anyone dieting!?!), but it's also a clever tool for those of us who like to keep our foods separate.  You can use the old "cafeteria-style" plate or tray, but this is just another fun option for meal measuring and divided dinners!  AND, once you are finished with the plating of your food, you can remove this shield-type device, leaving behind a perfectly proportioned (and separated) meal!

Now, THAT's neat!

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