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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Day 146: My Pro Mist Obsession

I love when I find a new cleaning product that absolutely WOWS me!  And the Pro Mist has done just that - on so many levels!

I have been using this microfiber spray mop from O-Cedar for the past two months... to REALLY test it out in our home.  I've used it on our hardwood floors and on the tile in the bathrooms, and it has done a superb job, all around!

Following the directions, I added water to the one-button, easy-to-fill-use-and-remove container and mixed in some all-purpose rosemary mint cleaning solution from Gold Canyon.  Then I sprayed and mopped, and sprayed and mopped, all over the house!  My kids immediately noticed the smile on my face and were anxious to get in on the fun.  Funny thing, they love it SO much, both my 12-year-old daughter and my 4-year-old son ASK if they can clean the floors with this handy -- and fun -- spray mop! (This added bonus, alone, is worth way more than words can express!)

The Pro Mist creates a wonderful mist/spray with great coverage at the squeeze of a handle, so there's no bending, fussing, fighting, or readjusting!  Our house immediately started to smell heavenly, like a luxury spa... and it was super easy and effective to clean up the dirt, dust, and grime with the durable, refillable, washable pad.  (It says the microfiber pad is machine washable over 100 times... and I've already sent two of ours through the cycle about 5 times, each!)

I used to think that nothing could be better than my Swiffer.  But I'm pretty convinced that this Pro Mist can take most other wet mops to the cleaners.... ha-ha!  Seriously, though, this spray mop has really come through for our family and has helped THIS neat freak retain some level of serenity as Rowdy, our four-footed family member, has aged and, recently, has lost some of his bladder control.  EEK!  Our poor, deaf little dog tends to dribble, unknowingly, as he trots around the house.  So, I've left our Pro Mist out, indefinitely, in the kitchen where it's super simple to grab and use to clean up the piddle spots.  (The disposable refills are GREAT for this very thing, by the way.)  The whole family is armed, trained, and ready at a moment's notice to spray/mist and clean.  We couldn't have done it without O-Cedar!  After all, there's also a 10-month-old baby around here who has just learn to crawl.  And we want to be sure she's got a clean path, wherever she chooses to go!

Want your own Pro Mist?  Snatch one on Amazon right HERE for less than $25!  It just may become your family's cleaning obsession, too.

Now, THAT's neat!

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