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Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 39: The Plastic Container That Broke The Husband's Back

You know, I was thinking: as neat as I am, you may have thought that I would've had the whole plastic storage container thing in perfect working order by now. After all, I am -- uh.... over 30 and have been using my own storage units for many, many years.

Alas, the plastic containers in my house were about to drive us all crazy. Granted, I did take the time to reorganize the lids. That worked out great. The ongoing problem was the containers themselves. Some were warped. Some were permanently stained. Some were missing their lids altogether, but they would creep back into the storage-container rotation somehow, and my husband and I would sigh in frustration after searching high and low for a lid that fit, finally giving up and ripping off a piece of aluminum foil to finish the job.

Here is a picture of the leaning tower of plastic containers (mostly the "throw-away" kind) in my cabinet. (I'll admit: it's not that messy. But it was definitely not worth the effort to dig through!)

And here is the chaos spread all over the kitchen counter.

For a neat freak (and even for the not-so-neat husband), this was simply unacceptable.

My solution? Tupperware.

That's right: Tupperware, the world-renowned, tried-and-true storage containers of the gods! :) Ha-ha!

When I discovered that my sister-in-law's boyfriend's grandmother (did you follow that?) was a Tupperware consultant, I knew my salvation was near! Even my hubby agreed. And he set the budget pretty high for us to get an ENTIRE new cabinet FULL of brand new, non-warped, color-coded, matching containers, bowls, cups... and more!

Here is the empty cabinet (lined with rubbery lining stuff, of course)... a blank slate!

Here are just some of the great things I got....

And here is the newly filled "Tupperware cabinet!"

I also purchased a set of containers that will help me reorganize my pantry. But that's a post for another day. Be looking for it soon! :)

Now, THAT's neat!

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  1. WOW! It looks great!!! I'm so glad you like all your Tupperware. :)


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