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Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 54: The Shower Door... & More SonicScrubber Cleaning

"WARNING: You will get wet."

Ever been at an amusement park and seen those signs, posted ominously at the start of a line for a water ride? Well, I think we need those signs for the shower. And I don't mean for taking a shower. (That's a given.) I'm talking about for cleaning the shower! And I should know better by now, but it's really pointless to attempt to clean a shower if you are on the dry side. It's dumb, really. Because countless times I have sprayed the shower and gotten myself covered in cleaning products. And just about every time I've used any kind of product with bleach, of course I've splattered it all over my favorite pajama pants... and made polka-dotted pajama pants! ;)

Well, today was no exception. I decided to try out my new SonicScrubber again, this time on my gross shower door. I used the velcro attachment thing and selected a disposable, non-scratch pad (AKA: "the yellow one;" they're color coded!!!).

I literally threw some Comet on the shower door, splashed a little water on it... and went to town with the SonicScrubber.

Now, this door was pretty much covered up with soap scummy goop. It's supposed to be a privacy-glass door, with just a little touch of that can't-quite-see-through look. As you can see in this before shot, however, it's more like that haven't-really-cared-to-clean-in-a-while look!

Now, be warned... the SonicScrubber spins. I covered that in the last post, right?!?! (Think giant electric toothbrush.) So, of course, as I started to clean the shower door, I promptly sprayed Comet all over my hair, my arms, my knees, the floor, the rug... Oops! I am so bad at the prep work. I could have removed said items, and, as mentioned before, I could have done the smart thing and cleaned the shower from the wet side, while I was actually in the shower. (Pre-shower is usually a good time.) No harm done, though. And, as you can see: it was well worth it for this kind of clean!!!! Ta-da!

That little cleaning pad sure did its duty -- In fact, I may have overused it a bit! :) It looks pretty worn out here! Funny, though, I did not have to use much pressure or effort.

If you would like to clean without using much effort, don't forget to enter the contest to WIN a SonicScrubber of your very own! The giveaway ends tomorrow, and I will randomly draw for a winner! Just click HERE to add your comment to the SonicScrubber post from the other day for your chance to win!

Now, THAT's neat!

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