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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 47: The Great Candle Migration

I love candles. And I have a LOT of them. Some of them are colorful or just plain-and-simple decorative pieces that I no longer use. Others are scented candles -- in ALL kinds of scents -- that I am slowly but surely getting to burn.

Whatever the case, my candles were completely taking over one of the most handy and convenient cabinets in my kitchen.

So, I decided to make a change and move ALL the candles to a new designated spot: a decorative wooden chest! (Great tip: keep all like items together in ONE location. Otherwise, you'll make yourself crazy trying to find things or trying to remember which items you put in which spot!)

As you can see, I used one large, plastic basket (that fit just perfectly inside) and filled it with stackable boxes of candles. Then I simply put the other loose items on top and placed my jar candles and burners on the side.

It's still convenient. All my candles are in the dining room now. So it makes sense (and scents), too. (It's not like I moved them to a storage container in the attic or anything!) PLUS, there is an added bonus: I get to use the really cool wood chest that my grandfather bought for my grandmother.... and then she passed down to me!

Voila! Neatly stashed candles.... and an ENTIRE cabinet to use for something else. (I'll have to show you that later on! I'm still working on it!)

Now, THAT's neat!

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  1. I absolutely love this idea! My husband and I live in /really/ tiny apartment. Like less than 500 sq ft tiny! So, as you can imagine, every inch is valuable. I don't have candles, but I do have a ton of blankets that are taking up so very valuable space in my closet. I think I still have a hope chest at my Mom's... I'm thinking of having the two meet!

    Thanks for the great idea,
    (xxpenguinscanflyxx @ SwapBot)


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