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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 56: Simple Solution for Magazines

This topic will likely not be any grand revelation on your part or any stroke of genius on my part... but the topic was still worthy enough for a brief post! :)

Now, I've mentioned before that I am a magazine junkie! I LOVE magazines. In fact, not only do I buy them and subscribe to them, my neighbor and I "trade" zines when we have finished the ones we have! She lets a stack pile up, and I let a stack pile up... and we swap!

So, needless to say, I have a TON of magazines in my home at any given moment. In the past, I attempted to stack them conveniently on my coffee table... you know, in kind of a "fan" look, like peacock feathers, or just one on top of the other, straight across in a line. That way I -- and my guests -- could get to them easily, enjoy them and set them right back again! But, with more than about 5 magazines, the pile starts to get a bit too big... and it will avalanche or slide all over the place. So you inevitably spend more time putting them back than actually enjoying them. (Or, as compulsive neat freaks will understand, you spend more time rearranging them, straightening them and making sure they all line up perfectly!)

Tired of the extra work, I finally decided to get a magazine holder. Yes, they make these things.... and not just for offices! I selected a decorative piece and set it up next to my favorite chair. So, the magazines are still conveniently located, BUT.... now they look good (and require much less work!)

Other options include using magazine storage "boxes" or "sleeves" and displaying them on bookcases or shelves. There are also wall-mounted options! It's totally up to your style -- and your budget!

Now, THAT's neat!

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