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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 60: What to do with DVDs, Blu-Rays, Video games.... and more!

We don't have a TON of DVDs, Blu-Rays and videos. I mean, we aren't movie collectors or anything (believe me, I know people who have a TON of movies!). But we do have enough of these varied plastic boxes to need some place to store them.

Now, if I had a perfect solution, I'd keep all the media together. In one place. A special, designated movie and game place. BUT... that doesn't work in our house. So, I've had to use some of my usual tricks to keep all these items in line!

Here is a drawer in our bedroom armoire... a perfect place to store our video tapes, right under the archaic VCR (which tends to get a bit dusty, since we don't use it very often anymore!). And, yes, these are in alphabetical order, give or take a Disney movie or two!

Similarly, here are our DVDs, all neatly aligned in a drawer in our entertainment unit in the family room. (These are in alphabetical order, as well... but they still don't get used all that much, since we have Netflix!)

This is a handy, sturdy and decorative basket on the floor in the corner by our entertainment unit. It's a great place to wrangle up all those Wii and XBOX games, which are likely NOT in alphabetical order, since my hubby and daughter use them a lot! However, I do rearrange them every so often, and I try to put the most-used games in easy-to-reach spots! :)

And THIS was my solution to the Blu-Ray problem. Blue-Rays did not have a place of their own, and they were invading both the games basket AND the DVD drawer, so I thought I'd get a set of these simple, black "DVD storage" boxes and give those Blu-rays a place of their own!

When all was said and done, I ended up using one of my new boxes for baby DVDs and one box for Blu-Rays. But, hey -- they are now all neatly arranged, easy to find...out of sight, and all together! And they are located IN the entertainment center, in a cabinet that used to have random junk in it. (Now it contains these items, along with the camera, video camera and random cords and plugs and such that might one day be needed to make these contraptions work right!)

Now, THAT's neat!

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