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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 90: Oh, It Smells So GOOD!

I love cleaning products that smell good. It makes me want to use them even more! AND.... it makes me feel good when people come into the house and comment, "Oh, it smells so good in here!"

Of course, sometimes the odoriferous wonder in my home is due to some delicious, homemade goodness. I LOVE to bake (and eat baked goods!), so there is often a pound cake, some sweet bread or a batch of chocolate-chip cookies cooling on the counter. BUT, when I am on a clean streak, I love to use just about anything citrus or "fresh laundry" scented. (What about you? What scents make your nose happy?)

With that being said, I was quite interested in trying out a pretty well-known product that I had never tried: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day. Their natural, plant-derived essential oils are "powerful against daily dirt and grime, but leave your home smelling like a garden, not harsh chemicals." And, oh..... it's SO true!

I tried out the lemon verbena scent. I was not so sure about the smell in the bottle, but throughout the house, it's absolutely wonderful! (Even my outdoor-working husband and his rough-and-tough co-worker commented on the delightful scent!) And, most importantly, the toilet bowl cleaner and the countertop spray worked VERY well! With just a swipe of a paper towel or swish of a bowl brush, dirt and grime were disappearing right before my eyes!

I assure you, I will be purchasing more! I even got the laundry detergent in the same scent! And since Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day also offers dish soap, all-purpose cleaner, dishwasher packs, wipes, hand soap, fabric softener, dryer sheets, candles, room fresheners and window spray, *WHEW!* I may be trying out some other things, too! ;) (They also have other scents. So, I may have to explore!)

Now, THAT's neat!


  1. Its so funny you mention your husband liking the lemo verbena too! We just started using it and my husband looves it! Great product :)

  2. The geranium scent is quite lovely, too, although I find the sink powder to be overwhelming...

  3. Beth -
    Check this deal out!

    P.S., That's not my site, but the host has a great name. ;)

  4. Thanks for the tip, Jessica!
    And, Alanna, I will HAVE to try some different scents now! How exciting!

  5. Hey Beth I'm not a full time house-husband but i love the smell of apples, not just in home, office to like carpets and things like that.
    I will try your recomendatios.

  6. I love apple-scented items, too. It's so invigorating! They say that this scent can actually help soothe migraines! But I never seem to think about it when I have one! Ah, well....

  7. Most people have this in common, we……love a fresh, gentle, familiar smell! Have you heard of 1000 Plus Stain Remover? It is a wonderful all purpose stain remover to have nearby (laundry room, garage, cottage, etc.) and it has a lovely BANANA natural fragrance!! Yes, put it next to the VANILLA cleaner and enjoy!! - check it out :)

  8. Hey beth… thanks for sharing the lovely tip I like lemon verbena scent and I wanted you to try some different scented also like rosemary laundry detergent even I have also tried the lavender soap and you know the scent of lavender soap is quit lovely after using this soap my skin was so soft and smooth rather than other counter soap do. I like your idea….


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