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Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 79: The Pyrex Complex

Ok... back to those kitchen cabinets that we started talking about the other day...

As a neat freak, y'all know that I love to keep "like" things or families of items together. It just makes sense to me. And it makes it SO much easier to store, locate and use said items.

Well, the same can work in the kitchen, and that's why I keep all my glass cooking stuffs (AKA Pyrex) in the same cabinet!

It doesn't look all that impressive. And, frankly, it can get rather heavy to wriggle out what I need. But, until I can figure out how to add more shelves or create some other clever storage rack, this is how it is! ;)

You can see that bowls (on the bottom) are stacked in bigger bowls. And squares/rectangles are stacked in bigger squares/rectangles (on the middle shelf). I left the top shelf for a few of the "serving pieces" (AKA glass bakeware with pretty patterns on them!) since I don't fish them out quite as often as the other pieces. As well, my beloved Pampered Chef batter bowl has a spot of its own up there... which is easy for me, since I'm 6-feet tall! (If you are not quite as, uh.... blessed with high altitude, you might want to try stacking/storing your most-used items at a lower, more convenient, level!)

Neat Freak Cheat Sheet: I lined each shelf with some rubbery, non-skid stuff so the glass has a cushier landing!

Now, THAT's neat!

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