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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 83: The Organized Baby Bag

I know this is not a "mommy blog," but since I am a mommy... and since my neat freakishness carries over into ALL of my "roles"... I figured I'd share another neat product with all of you! So, neat mommies, take note!

I recently discovered Diaper Dude and figured I would give one of their products a try, even thought I am NOT a daddy, and most of the items they sell are designed specifically with some cool, hip, diaper-changing daddies in mind! ;)

Since I LOVE neatness and organization, I thought I'd purchased a changing station. It recently arrived, and WOW! I just love it! I used to keep wipes in one pocket of the diaper bag and diapers in a small zip pouch. Then I had a changing pad and some "essentials" (AKA baby powder, butt pastes, etc.) in another baggie. Well, needless to say, that set-up was NOT convenient for a quick run (uh, no pun intended) to the bathroom with a little one!

Well, this well-constructed-- and I must say, fashionable, bag -- is bigger and sturdier (and way cooler) than I imagined. And it's just the PERFECT size and shape for diapers and wipes and any of those other "extras."

It unfolds from a shoulder-strap bag, like THIS: a full-size, cushy diaper pad, with two pockets and a mesh bag, like THIS:

And check out the fun little diagram, HERE:

...and the all-important checklist for dads, in case they are in sole charge of the little ones:

I may still bring our whole diaper bag with us wherever we go, but now I can just grab the extremely handy, convenient (and cool) DD changing station whenever we have a... ummm.... "need."

Now, THAT's neat!

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