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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 14: The Archaic Address Book?

I have some nifty electronic gizmos... including an iPhone and a MacBook Pro. So, yes, I could easily record -- and retrieve -- address information from any one of these uber-handy gadgets. But there's just something special about an address book... a tangible, hold-it-in-your-hands-and-write-in-it kind of book.

And my previous address book was driving me crazy. I, myself, have moved way too many times over the last few years, so the front part of my address book was a whited-out wasteland of new and current details layered on top of old and useless details. Very messy, if you ask me. And in addition to MY untidy page, many of my friends' entries were sloppy and scribbly and caked with correction fluid or zig-zagged with correction tape.

SO... I've been on the hunt for a new address book. (For some reason, they're a bit hard to come by these days! *Wink wink*) And I found one that looked quite nice: "Colors" by Beth Nelson.*

It's a hard cover book, so it's durable. And it's spiral bound, so that means I can easily remove messy pages. It's also kind of color coded, which makes me extraordinarily happy! "Colors" also has designated spaces for cell phones and e-mails, so it's not TOO old fashioned. As well, there's a fun little box for each entry where you can record that person's favorite color. I'm not so sure how useful that is, but it's a cute little extra.

And don't make fun of me, but I had such a nice, refreshing time copying all my addresses into my brand new book. I also found a GREAT pen to use for my address book (and for other writing stuff as well, of course!). It's a "Frixion" pen by Pilot. It's an ERASABLE gel pen!
How superb! :) It writes well... AND it erases well. So I am very pleased that I can cater to my perfectionist tendencies now without crumpling up so much paper!

* (NOTE: I included a hotlink to see the address book on, where I originally bought mine. I'm not sure if this is a collector's item now, or what, but the current prices are CRAZY! I did NOT pay more than $12 for mine, including shipping and handling! And that was only about a week or so ago!)

Now, THAT's neat!

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  1. I love those pens!! Erasable pens sure have come a long way since I was in middle school. These are what I always use with my calendar, so a change of plans just requires a little erasing and not a bunch of marked out mess.


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