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I have a toddler in perpetual motion, a packrat daughter, a dog and a disorganized husband... and I hope to share the challenges, trials, errors, rewards and insights of being a bit "too clean obsessive" in a family that's not so in love with neatness. And I am making a promise to clean, rearrange, organize and simplify my life... and help you along the way! SO stay tuned for my journey toward everything orderly and efficient!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 9: So... where's the toilet paper?

We have a tiny bathroom in our house. A VERY cramped half bath in our entryway... and it's a bathroom that gets used a lot -- by us and by guests.

Why is it used so much? No, we don't all have overactive bladders or an odd obsession with small, closed-in spaces. It's just convenient... at least more convenient than going through the master bedroom and past the master closets to find the little WC tucked away in the corner of the master bath.

At any rate, because this popular little potty room is so undersized, there's just not much room for... well, anything! (For instance, when I was recently pregnant, this was NOT my powder room of choice. It's such close quarters in there, and I didn't want to feel claustrophobic in my own bathroom!)

Anyway, one of the things that needed a little help in this petite rest stop was an issue with the tissue... as in: where to keep the toilet paper?!?! Sure; I could put it in the eensy weensy cabinet under the sink, but you'd have to sit on the toilet to get to it, or you'd risk bumping your head, elbow, or possibly other parts on the door, or on the counter, or on the toilet itself.

So, I purchased THIS (Also from ABC Distributing, by the way! And, no, I did NOT get this for free; I just found some very useful products at ABC!)

What is it, you ask? A giant, metal letter "C," celebrating "the CAN," perhaps? Or maybe it's one of those drink thingies for dispensing canned sodas, a must for any bathroom....

Nope. And NO way!

It's a toilet paper holder... with a little "shelf" on top. And while it may not be the most impressive piece of furniture in the house, for this little space, it's just right!

Now, THAT's neat!


  1. Hey! It's timaro from swapbot! I LOVE your blog!! I can't wait to read more! I'm a neat freak myself :D

  2. I've been trying to get one of these for a while now. My husband says they're silly. I showed him these photos and he said (no joke!) "Aw, that's neat!"

  3. I love your blog!!! I am also a self proclaimed neat freak.. lol :-) I was hoping you will make a post on cleaning the bathroom. There is always room for improvement so I am looking forward to some of your tips. Thank you!!


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