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Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 15&16: A Neat Gadget -- for the kitchen... and more!

Tired of your spouse pulling a sinister-looking jar out of the fridge, shoving it toward your unsuspecting nose, and saying, "Smell this. Does this smell funny to you? Does it look kind of greenish? Moldy? Alive?"

I stumbled across a gadget not too long ago that got me really intrigued. "Days Ago." (That's the name of the gadget, by the way; that's not when I discovered them. Are y'all feeling a "Who's on first" kind-of thing here, or is it just me!?!?) Has anyone else heard of this thing? It's a digital day counter that has a really great function in your kitchen: it attaches to food containers (by magnet or suction or band) and counts exactly how many days ago you put that leftover chicken casserole in the fridge or that extra batch of sugar cookie dough in the freezer. (Ooohh...I'm hungry now!)

I don't personally have any of these fancy, new-fangled contraptions just yet.... but it sounds like a good fit for a neat freak!

Beyond just keeping track of your food before it grows legs and walks away (Ok. no longer hungry), these little counter things can be used in other ways. Put it on your medicine bottle -- or on your pet's medicine -- to keep track of when you (or your four-footed pal) last took that pain pill. Speaking of pets, we have a 55-gallon aquarium with lots of happy little fish. To keep them happy, a digital day counter would let the whole family know when they were last fed... so we don't under- or over-feed them!

I don't know; I guess you could get a little crazy with these things, if you chose to!
  • How about a digital counter on every smoke detector in the house, so you know when to change the batteries... BEFORE they start beeping in unison at 3 in the morning;
  • One in the car to track that last oil change (when you don't want the sticky plastic square melting to your window shield);
  • Put a doo-dad on your plant containers to know for certain when they last got watered. (I probably need to do this. Sadly, green things and I don't seem to coexist very well.);
  • One on the toilet bowl, so you can't put off cleaning it anymore, thinking, "it was just last weekend when I tackled that!";
  • How about one on your designer purse so you know when you are due for an upgrade!?!;
  • Maybe I could suction-cup one to my baby boy's head so I can be sure when he last ate! Ha-ha! ;)
I digress....

I just thought I'd share a neat thing I found. If you've tried this gadget out, please let me know your thoughts! Or, perhaps, we can put our collective minds together and come up with our own handy invention....

Now, THAT's neat!

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