I am a self-diagnosed neat freak. I love to clean and I love to organize. (If I could have a container, holder and/or label for EVERYTHING, my life would be complete!) And this is my brand new blog for everything NEAT!
I have a toddler in perpetual motion, a packrat daughter, a dog and a disorganized husband... and I hope to share the challenges, trials, errors, rewards and insights of being a bit "too clean obsessive" in a family that's not so in love with neatness. And I am making a promise to clean, rearrange, organize and simplify my life... and help you along the way! SO stay tuned for my journey toward everything orderly and efficient!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 6: And the WINNER is....


Thanks to everyone who voted on the "look" of my new blog. It looks like every background but one got a vote or two. Here's how it ended up:

#1 -- 6 votes (bright orange "floral") This bright, cheery look will soon be the new background for my neat-freak blog! Tune in again to see how it turns out! (And, don't worry... it won't be too overwhelming. I have a plan for that!)
#2 -- 3 votes (tiny green dots) This one was one of my top two favorites, just because it's my favorite color, AND it's very tidy.... But I won't be sad that it didn't win.
#3 -- 2 votes (brights stripes) This one was probably too "busy" for a "neat" blog.
#4 -- 0 votes (multi-colored dots) This one, as well, might be kind of "messy" for a blog about organization. That, or no one likes polka-dots! :)
#5 -- 2 votes (green stripes) I also liked this one a lot because I LOVE stripes. AND it's green. very soothing.

Please visit again tomorrow, day 7! I plan to share a quick organization tip from my "Neat Freak Cheat Sheet!"

Now, THAT's neat!

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