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I have a toddler in perpetual motion, a packrat daughter, a dog and a disorganized husband... and I hope to share the challenges, trials, errors, rewards and insights of being a bit "too clean obsessive" in a family that's not so in love with neatness. And I am making a promise to clean, rearrange, organize and simplify my life... and help you along the way! SO stay tuned for my journey toward everything orderly and efficient!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 26: Thanks for sharing!

A follower of this blog (who happens to be my very delightful sister-in-law!) was recently inspired by my post about the plastic lid rebellion! AND she used a nice, simple little trick: rather than put her plastic lids in a wire holder, she put them all in a large bowl!

Here are her words: "I didn't get the wire rack for two reasons...A) I'm cheap and B) the Tupperware is in one of the top cabinets so I wouldn't have been able to reach the rack :) Darn!"

No worries! Tidiness can be accomplished without spending a dime! Here is proof: some photos of her results!

Thanks for sharing your accomplishment! May your lids stay put and your cabinet remain organized!

Now, THAT's neat!

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